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Evidence for Angels on Earth  

Healing Prayer

If you are suffering from a physical illness or have emotional or spiritual problems, then you may find Healing Prayer a real benefit and comfort. 

The Healing Rooms of Halifax offer healing ministry by team members trained in praying for people in a confidential, and sensitive manner.  No appointment is necessary and the ministry is free of charge.  Their website is - www.halifax.healingrooms.org.uk

The Healing Rooms of Halifax is part of a national and international healing rooms.  for details of healing rooms around the UK please visit the Halifax website.

Welcome to my website www.AngelsFromHeaven.co.uk

There is irrefutable evidence that God does exist and physical death is not the end of human life.  There is also irrefutable evidence that we will see our loved ones once again in God's kingdom of heaven, and this evidence has been brought to us by Angels from Heaven.

My name is David Ramanauskas, and I am an Independent Funeral Celebrant in West Yorkshire.  My work involves visiting bereaved families helping them plan and prepare a funeral service for their loved one, and then lead the-service.

I have an ecumenical church background - Catholic, Methodist and Church of England and can prepare a service designed to meet the needs of the family.  Anything from a low religious service (containing the Lord's Prayer) to a more traditional Christian funeral service.

I have led funeral services in churches, chapels of rest, crematoriums, private burial grounds, private homes, at the Halifax Football stadium, and in a pub!  The most important thing is that the family have the service they want for their loved one.

Most families prefer a celebration of life service, where the focus of the service is on their loved one, and there is often some humour in the eulogy or within the service. And my job is to help families achieve everything they want in the service.

If you have any questions or would like me to lead a service for your loved one, then please phone or email - 01422 330770  david@comfortforthebereaved.com